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Established in 1996, First Link entered the industry with the primary vision of providing premium quality Internet services specifically designed for business and professionals. Having never sold to the general residential and domestic market-place First Link has successfully expanded services with stable and robust growth. Often scorned by the inexperienced, First Link has become renowned for a conservative, sensible approach to the implementation of reliable technology. Simply put; At First Link they only use a formula they know works.

It is this very reason why, every day, leading companies in Australia rely on First Link information and communications technology for their data transport and processing needs.

With a complete national infrastructure First Link has grown to be at the forefront of VPN and WAN technologies. Introduced in early 2002, they were one of the first companies in Australia to provide managed private WAN IP networks over DSL. 

It is this depth of TCP/IP understanding and the inherent integrity of First Link's engineering that allows some 10,000 individuals each day to enjoy the magic of the Internet with security and confidence.
Some of the fine companies & businesses we have provided quality solutions to...

Blue NRG  

AFI Icon  Australian Film Institute

Melbourne Fringe Festival 

  Melbourne International Film Festival

Crawford & Company 

Juniper Networks

Australian Power & Gas 


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